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Voice Rewards is the first & only platform that allows you to earn money or cryptocurrency for completing surveys via any Amazon Alexa-powered device.
  1. Works with any Amazon Alexa-powered device
  2. Complete surveys, get paid - it's that easy!
  3. Share your opinion & Influence brands
  4. Earn real money!
  5. Cash out to PayPal or your favorite Cryptocurrency!
  6. Receive exclusive offers today with your completed registration!
What Cryptocurrencies can you earn?
You can currently cash out to: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Reply token!
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Install The Amazon Alexa Skill

Use your Amazon Alexa-powered device and the Amazon Alexa Companion App 

Ask For A Survey

Trigger Voice Rewards using your Amazon Alexa-powered device by saying "Alexa, launch Voice Rewards"

Cash Out Your Earnings

Cash out your earnings to PayPal or your favorite cryptocurrency - Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin

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About VoiceRewards.me

We're building an amazing community where anyone can access and participate in surveys and studies to help shape the decisions of companies and drive research that changes the world using just the power of their voice and their own experiences.

VoiceRewards.me Dashboard


You can earn money simply by answering a few questions via your Amazon Alexa-powered devices. The money you earn can be cashed out to PayPal or your favorite cryptocurrency. It's free to join, easy to participate, and fun to earn!

Supported Cash Outs

Earnings you accumulate by participating in surveys using your Amazon Alexa-powered device are cashed out every Wednesday.  We support cashing out to PayPal or your favorite cryptocurrency.


Cash out directly to the most trusted name in e-commerce today, PayPal. From there your earnings maybe directly withdrawled to your bank account. 


We currently support Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum as base currencies you can cash out to. If you want to conduct research using True Reply, our holding company, you can choose to cash out to Reply token, our own cryptocurrency and use those currencies to conduct research at any scale. 

Surveys Available Via Alexa

The following surveys are available right now for you to take using any Amazon Alexa-powered device





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